Did you know an Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than a post with no hashtags?

Hashtags are powerful! They can help your posts reach a target audience, attract followers in your niche, increase engagement and develop a more positive and recognizable brand image.


Think of hashtags like a way to reach a bigger audience and this simply means that the more people you reach; the more followers you get. If someone finds your account via a hashtag and they like what they saw, they are most likely going to check your account out and possibly hit the follow button.

Alfinga as a brand gain most of her followers from hashtags, we strategically use certain hashtags that we know we can rank on so as to reach a new audience and if they audience like our content, they can choose if they want to follow.


Bigger hashtags do NOT mean more visibility for your posts!

When it comes to hashtags, they’re a few processes for using the best ones in your posts. It all starts with “keywords”, then it evolves to niche “keywords” that will help you better reach your audience.

Using relevant hashtag is important but the amount of post per hashtag is a good indicator if it will help you get in front of your dream followers. The reason is that if you refresh the recent post of a hashtag over 1 million, you’ll instantly see your post float down to the bottom within a few minutes and your chances of ranking are slim. But if you use a hashtag below 1 million and over 20k (roughly), you’re more likely to get the reach you want.

For example, the hashtag #socialmediamarketing is huge with 8.4 million posts which means I’m less likely to rank for it but #socialmediaexpert with 241k posts is more niche for the audience I’m looking to connect with.


If a holiday is coming up that a massive amount of people will celebrate, creating a post around that topic will boost your reach massively. People around that time will start looking up that hashtag and if your post ranked on that hashtag, you will gain quite a number of reach, profile visit and possibly new followers.

The key is to get a bigger reach. The more reach you get the more followers you can gain from one post as people that normally wouldn’t have found your content possibly will see it, take a look at your account and probably follow you.

For example, creating content about children’s day and using trendy hashtags like #childrensday can aid in boosting your post.



Using same hashtags over and over again is a bad idea and will limit your reach because when a user follows a hashtag and sees something they don’t like they can select the “Don’t Show for This Hashtag” option. So rather than use the same hashtags always, just switch it up and using other relevant hashtags.

It’s no longer news that people can follow hashtags now

That means your content can end up in a users’ feed even if they don’t follow you. And if you’re sharing great content and tagging it with relevant hashtags, many of them will start following you.

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