Are you thinking about internal search as part of your marketing strategy? Yes, you read correctly. Let us explain!

We all know customers use sources like google search or asking their peers for recommendations when looking for a product/service to fill a need – these are forms of external search.

Basically, external search is conducted when a person has no prior knowledge about a product, which then leads them to seek information from personal sources (e.g. word of mouth from friends/family ) and/or public sources (e.g. online forums, consumer review) or marketer dominated sources (e.g. sales persons, advertising) especially when a person’s previous experience is limited or deemed inefficient.

But we also use internal search, and sometimes this is even more crucial to decision making. This is when we reflect on memories or existing knowledge to make a selection.

Internal research refers to a consumer’s memory or recollection of a product, oftentimes triggered or guided by personal experience. This is when a person tries to search their memory to see whether they recall past experiences with a product, brand, or service. If the product is considered a staple or something that is frequently purchased, internal information search may be enough to trigger a purchase.

Think situations like:
🔎 You’re grocery shopping and remember you’ve run out of bathing gel so go to grab one from the toiletries stand. But unfortunately, you couldn’t find your regular bathing gel and you don’t have time to read reviews on the spot so you just grab one that you’ve heard good things about in the past.
🔎 You’re choosing a new service to use, and you’re totally overwhelmed, so you start with brands you’re familiar with, and then do more external search from there.

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You can probably think of situations of your own where you’ve made a choice based totally on internal search, so while things like SEO are SUPER important, don’t forget people are “searching” for information internally too.
So what exactly can you do to control that? Well it is harder for sure, but there are ways….
⭐ Make your branding memorable to help potential customers recall your name and also visually recognize your products.
⭐ Have a social media presence and engage with potential customers there to keep your brand top of mind.
⭐ Strengthen your positioning and make this extremely clear in everything you do. This helps you to position your brand in people’s minds (eg. this brand is the go to for X, or this brand is the best value etc).
We hope this helps!

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