Ethel Skin Care

Project Brief:

Ethel Skincare is one of the first businesses to subscribe to our SEE MORE promo. The business took the standard pack to bring a new face to their brand and improve their online presence


Ethel skincare is a Nigerian based organic skin care line. It has an offline and an online presence. However it did not have the right branding to push it out of its comfort zone. It lacked engagements on its social media pages, clarity in imagery, good copy-writing and absence of an E-commerce website (shopping website). It also had poor product packaging as regards consistency in sticker types and container choices. The brand was without a brand archetype (A brand archetype is a brand archetype is a genre you assign to your brand, based upon symbolism. The idea behind using brand archetypes is to anchor your brand against something iconic—something already embedded within the conscious and subconscious of humanity) logo, brand colors and good graphics. It also did not have its own brand logo.


Alfinga Studios used diverse skill sets and strategy to optimize this brand and give them maximum visibility. We did this by making sure that the major issues the brand was facing were eliminated.

Brand Design

We defined the brand archetype, which fell into the Innocent archetype because the brand is a one hundred percent organic skincare line without use of products that are harmful to the skin. We defined the brand colors and the major colors chosen were Gold, Black and Leaf Green. Other secondary brand colors include Purple and Silver. The primary font for the brand is Ankecalligraph, and the secondary font used is the Lato font. We created about fifty graphic designs and imagery in line with the brand colors and brand fonts. The reason for this was to curb inconsistency as regards graphics and imagery being put up on the website and social media platforms.

We designed a logo for the brand to stand it out​

Product Categorization

We also did a categorization of the fifty plus products into 11 categories namely; glow category, oils category, lotions category, cream category ,soap category, scrub category, bath gel category , cleanser category, kiddies corner category, patches removal category and spot removal category.

Brand Product Designs

After we noticed that the original products packaging was inconsistent in terms of stickers, bottle shapes and cover colors, we then made new stickers designs and bottle samples graphically in order to give room for consistency. After the designs were done, the sticker samples were sent to the printer and the bottles and cups for the products purchased. A photo shoot was done for the top ten bestselling products to also boost content for the site and the social media platforms.



Ecommerce Website

Now its time to showcase the brand with its own website, an ecommerce store. We built a shopping website and ensured that all the major products for the brand were put up on the shop.

Social Media Management

A content calendar was created for the timeframe the brand was going to be managed and the content calendar had five pillars under which diverse skincare topics where created to ensure rich content and ultimate customer satisfaction, another reason for the content calendar was to improve engagements and participation from the customers as the brand was now positioned to not just be a skincare product vendor but also becoming more involved with the personal skincare issues of the audience in order to connect more with them to attain all round satisfaction and maximum patronage.

For the social media handles, which are Facebook and Instagram a major rebranding was done. All obsolete and irrelevant contents were removed and replaced with amazing catchy content, such as the bio, the imagery, introducing the brand logo to the social media pages, taking out imagery that were taken from other brands social media pages without consent of the said brands, deleting pictures with poor quality, updating information’s, and creating a shop on the Facebook page for customers to have accessibility to products.



Social Media Advertising

Now with a new brand identity, Ethel SkinCare was ready to promote their business. With our social advertising services we were able to define the brand’ audience and used Facebook and Instagram marketing to not only increase the followership, engagement but also generated more sales leads which resulted in more revenue for the client. This is what the Managing Director Mrs Franscica Agho has to say “I am thrilled by the way my brand was turned around. Sales increased and I have to go get a delivery bike to help me meet demands. I really appreciate the team at Alfinga Studios for giving my business a face lift”.